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Renaissance Connection is a  non-profit organization that helps foster a love for the arts in Albany, GA and the surrounding areas.  We sponsor exhibitions, create & develop art related events, facilitate creativity workshops, negotiate opportunities for artists, gather resources, and much more.


The organization was birthed out of the hearts of twin sisters, Bummi and Femi Anderson. The movement began in January 2004 when they came together for an literary and art visual exhibition. Bummi, a writer & author, read her poetry and Femi, the artist, displayed her artwork. After this experience, both felt a burden to see art, in its various forms, connect  to life in their community.The Arts and the talents of others (also theirs) must be shared with the rest of the world.


This organization has 501c3 status and they are currently applying for grants to help further their work. They are also looking for like-minded organizations to partner with. Check out their past and current events on the PROJECTS page.

RENAISSANCE means a rebirth or revival.

About RC

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